From US to JAPAN

Started West Palm Beach Florida July-2008

Flying over Sweeden

Florida to Belgium in 2008

Belgium to Thai in 2010

Thai to Japan in 2011

Succeeded to arrived Japan in May-20, 2011

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Phillippines to JAPAN

Tsunami Disaster (Kesennuma)


Sky-Tree Tower

Ikebukuro San-Shine

My Tokyo Home

Shinjuku Down Town

Yokohama Bay-Bridge

Yokohama Down Town

Nijima AirPort

Shikine Jima Island

Nijima Port

Nijima AirPort


Odaigahara Water Fall


Kumamoto AirPort

Amakusa AirPort

Amakusa Island

Kagoshima City

Mt.Sakura Jima Volcano

Tanegashima Space Center


Tokunoshima AirPort

Izana Jima

Izena Jima AirPort

Kerama AirPort

Right after AirBone from Naha Runway

Naha runway is shared with Japanese Air Force. 4 F-15 s just took off before me.

Naha AirPort

Separation was not enough and this guy landed a second after I got out from Runway.

Entering FINAL of Naha Runway after long long way from the States.

First time I saw Japanese LAND which is totally different feeling from the view from commertial flight.

Last Island of Phillipines before I started to Japan

Manila Airport